Vampire – Made

Age: 21 in 2015

Birthday: November 18th, 1853.

Turned: July 7th, 1875.

Birthplace: Angel Creek, USA

Eyes: Silver

Hair: Black, Longish, Curly

Height: 6’4


Kayleigh gets personal with Sebastian – CLICK HERE TO READ!

“Right away, I knew that she was someone very special. One of a kind. Even”

“When you’re in an unhealthy relationship, it’s hard to see how bad it is for you until you take a step back and evaluate it. Most people never do, unless something drastic happens.”

Shy finds out about Sebastian’s favorites – SEE WHAT HE’S INTO HERE!

“If I had to choose a TV show, I guess, Supernatural. It’s a story about brothers who fight evil. Although, they talk about their feelings way too much for my liking.”

“Apple? Or is that too cliché for you? Would you prefer something more exotic?”