Vampire – Made

Age: 24 in 2015

Birthplace: Angel Creek, USA

Eyes: Dark Grey

Hair: Light Brown, Short

Height: 6’3


Jessirae grills Razor – CHECK IT OUT HERE!

“Annoying Dawn is a full-time job.”

“You know me, I’ll try anything once. And if I really enjoy it, over and over again.


“Lack of clothing suits me.”

Razor visits Mel and Lana – CLICK HERE TO READ!

I have a more serious side, but what’s the fun in being serious all the time?

“How about Sex God x 5? Nah, I’m just kidding. Humble x 5? *grins*

“There would still definitely be some skinny-dipping involved.”

Lori hangs out with Razor – SEE WHAT HAPPENS HERE!

“My worst fear has already come true three-fold: losing those that I love.”

“Intuition plays a big role in determining if I trust someone.”

“My author is evil. She likes to torture us. And she doesn’t give me the kissing scenes that I deserve.”