Holiday + Birthday Giveaway!


I’m giving away a $20.00 Amazon Gift Card so you can buy some yummy book goodies (the winner can choose to have it sent to another online retailer like Kobo or B&N if they wish) + Signed Print Copies of ReVamped and ReAwakened + E-Book Bundle by some kick-butt authors (see list above)!


It will begin on December 25th and end on January 11th – my birthday.


It all takes place online, which means that it’s international.


Enter through the Rafflecopter Form (link below) by: following on Twitter, liking on Facebook,  Tweeting about the giveaway, reviewing ReVamped and ReAwakened on Amazon or Goodreads (if you’ve already reviewed the books, you can just post a link to the reviews – one entry per review per site for a total of four.)


Because I love you as much as I love chocolate cake! Since I’ve been MIA lately (working on some awesome bookish stuff – announcements in early 2014!) I wanted to show my amazing readers some love with a big giveaway.



Revamping “ReVamped” & $0.99 Sale!

Hi guys!

ReVamped has undergone a little revamp! There is a new training scene, extended fight scenes and dialogue, as well as a little more in-depth introduction to the characters.

If you have purchased a Kindle copy of the book prior to June 2013, please email your proof of purchase to and I’ll make sure to provide you with a file of the new version.

In order to celebrate the revamping, there will be a $0.99 sale all week! CLICK HERE! If you loved the books, please, please consider spreading the word! I’m deeply grateful for each and every reader and book blogger who has taken the time to support my work and share my books with friends and family. You guys mean the world to me!

If you have any questions about the “Angel Creek” series or my upcoming books, please feel free to contact me. I love getting to know my reader


Happy Reading!

PS: If you Tweet about the sale/buying the book (with the Amazon link and @Ada_Ada), you’ll be placed into a draw to win a Kindle copy of “ReAwakened” (or swag if you already have the book). International. 3 winners! Ends Sunday @ Midnight EST.

REVAMPED: Sample for FREE + Print Books Giveaway!


I’m a big believer that people should be able to sample products before purchasing. Trying a product for free is the best way to find out if it will be the right fit for you before you make a monetary investment. Therefore, I wish to extend the courtesy of trying out ReVamped to my readers (to-be)!

This PDF file contains the first thirty pages of the book (Prologue, Ch. #1, Ch #2.). Reading it will help you get an idea for my writing style, the characters, and the story. Hopefully, like many of my wonderful readers, you will fall in love with it! (But, hey…if it doesn’t end up being the right book for you, then no money spent and no harm done!)

The excerpt has been online since Feb. 20th 2012, but many readers weren’t aware of its existence, so I thought that it would be a good idea to let you know about it. If you’re a ReVamped Lover or a Team Misfits Member and wish to help spread the word to your friends, the free sample also provides an easy way for them to check it out!

I wrote ReVamped with the intent of taking a different approach to the vampire genre. Inspired by our society’s obsession with vampires, I wanted to explore what would happen if vampires “came out of the coffin” and lived amongst us. Since our world is filled with great books about sexy, dark, and bloody vampires, I decided to take on a more satirical/humorous/modern view on the beloved creatures – with a twist.

*I do have to admit that the sequel, ReAwakened, did end up going the sexy, dark, bloody route (out of necessity), but there is still plenty of fun in both books.

Angel Creek‘s vamps are very much “human”, full of flaws and folly. I greatly enjoy seeing their characters mature, grow, and develop as the series progresses. (As do my readers! So far, Brooke and Hunter lovers have had the most intense reactions to the characters’ growth in ReAwakened.

While ReVamped is a PG story, ReAwakened takes a bit of a PG14 turn (romantic and violent scenes get more intense). However, both are still very much YA novels, suitable for Young Adults and Adults alike.


Read what others had to say about ReVamped!


(All pertain to ReAwakened and contain ReVamped spoilers. Read after finishing for best results.)

Meet Sebastian

Meet Razor

Meet Hunter



*A huge hug to Mel and Lana for hosting this amazing giveaway!*

Angel Creek Book III Title ReVeal!

The official title for Angel Creek Book III is…


I’ve been sitting on this for a while, but I first wanted to make sure that you guys had an opportunity to guess and a chance to win those pretty ReVamped and ReAwakened posters! About ten or so people guessed the title correctly. Congrats! I will be doing a draw later this week and announce the winner of the posters along with the winners of the Twitter print books giveaway!


Regarding the title…Don’t worry, there will be no babies involved! It’s all about “Dawn’s personal rebirth”. In ReVamped, we are introduced to Dawn as being  a very strong and intelligent girl, but she is also naive and inexperienced in so many aspects of “real life”. She isn’t perfect and has a long way to go, especially when it comes to romantic relationships, friendships, and, at times, even her leadership ability. I’ve said this many times, but I’m a big proponent of imperfect characters, so I wanted to make sure that there would be room for Dawn to grow and develop as the series progressed. Throughout ReVamped, she grows and matures, but it is only in ReAwakened that she reaches her full potential after battling with her fears, facing her demons, and learning to rely on her team. However, the end of the book leaves Dawn at the edge of a cliff (not literally – don’t worry, that wasn’t a spoiler!) so it’s only fitting that she will have to go through a rebirth of sorts in the upcoming chapter(s) of her story in order to be even stronger and more prepared to face the biggest battle of her life. Things are getting very real and extremely messy! Many of you commented in your wonderful reviews that ReAwakened had a lot more of everything: the stakes were higher, the romance was hotter, and the bad guys more dangerous. All I can say about ReBorn at this point in time is that you’ll be getting even MORE of more! I’m so very excited to share this book with you when the times comes!

That beings said, I currently don’t have any official information regarding the release date, the cover, or the synopsis, but I’ll announce it as soon as I do! I have plans to release another project between ReAwakened and ReBorn, but I’ll do my best to ensure that you aren’t waiting too long. I know that all of you who have read ReAwakened are anxious to find out what happens next! Thank you for sharing your love of Angel Creek with your friends and peers. I truly love you for it!

In other news, many people have been asking about print copies of the books. I’m not sure why the Amazon print links aren’t linking to the Kindle profiles, but they are available! You can find them here:

ReVamped and ReAwakened

Note: I have no idea who is selling a print copy of ReVamped for $300.00+ (the one copy that’s linked to the Kindle profile)! It’s probably not a good idea for you spend that much money on the book unless it comes with a gold cover or a real-life Sebastian or Razor.

For those readers who have requested to purchase signed print copies of the books directly from me (or have won a copy)…they’ve finally arrived! *Happy Dance* Expect an email before the end of the week. I’ve been practically living at the Post Office, trying to find out the best possible shipping options for you all.



In the previous Happy New Year! post I announced that I will be selecting four commenters to win their choice of: ReVamped and ReAwakened bookmarks, I ❤ Sebastian keychain, I ❤ Razor dogtag, or I ❤ Hunter guitar pick). I’ve now extended that invitation to ALL of the people who commented by January 8th. If you are one of them, please email with your mailing address and let me know which prize you’d like.

I’m currently redoing the Angel Creek website (aiming for an end-of-the-month launch!) and will be updating the “Praise” section to include new ReVamped reviews as well as the most recent ReAwakened praise. If you have posted a super-duper review that you’d like to share, I’d love to include it (either on the blog or on Amazon). Please link it below or email 😀

Thanks for reading and your support!

I’d love to know what you think of the title!

Lots of love,


Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to my dearest readers!

Thank you for all of the support that you’ve given Angel Creek in 2012. I truly value each and every one of you more than words can describe. I have a huge 2012 wrap-up post planned for mid-January that will contain some exciting news, many giveaway winner announcements, and amazing ReVamped/ReAwakened blogger highlights.

For now, make sure to check out these giveaways and enter before time runs out:

ReBook III Title Game

Twitter Print Copy Giveaway

Bookmark Giveaway + Signed Books Purchase Info

I will be away this week, so I wanted to leave you with something fun to do while I’m gone! I will be randomly selecting four comments on this post for a tiny NYE gift (your choice of: ReVamped and ReAwakened bookmarks, I ❤ Sebastian keychain, I ❤ Razor dogtag, or I ❤ Hunter guitar pick). You have until January 8th to play!

Wishing you all the best in 2013!

Ada Adams

Signed Print Copies and Bookmark Gifts!

Ho, ho, ho!

(What a way to start a post! :D)

Since it’s the season of giving, I wanted to find yet another way to thank my wonderful readers before the year comes to an end! You guys mean the world to me, so I’m always trying to come up with fun gift ideas for you.

  We already have a few big giveaways going on:

* Twitter Giveaway for Print Books

* ReBook III Title Guess Giveaway for Posters

The Epic Blog Tour Giveaway (where I vowed to give you everything Angel Creek related that I owned) has concluded and our lovely tour host will be announcing the lucky winner this week – stay tuned for that!

However, I also wanted to give my readers a little gift for taking the time to purchase my newest release. If you have picked up/will pick up a copy of ReAwakened (e-book or print format) between its release date November 27th and the year end on December 31st, please email your proof of purchase and mailing address to and I will send you signed ReVamped and ReAwakened bookmarks and a signed bookplate sticker! This also applies if you’ve purchased it for a friend or your blog giveaway.

Print copies of the book are currently available through CreateSpace, but will also be up on Amazon shortly.

I have had requests for signed print copies of ReVamped and ReAwakened, so I will be ordering a batch from the printer that I can personally sign for your guys and mail out directly (each will include the bookmarks as well, of course). If you are interested in purchasing signed print copies, please email for more information.


I hope that you all have a very safe and happy holiday season!

Much love,


PS: If you’ve won a prize from one of the release-day mini giveaways, the Scavenger Hunt, or something else that I’ve personally organized/promised, you should be getting your goodies soon. They were all shipped last week. (Except the print book winners, who should be getting them before the end of the year).

Twitter Print Copy Giveaway!

As promised, it’s time for the 1000 Twitter Followers Giveaway!

What’s up for grabs?

A print copy of ReVamped!

A print copy of ReAwakened!

How complicated is this giveaway? Not at all!

All you have to do is Tweet the following:

“I want to win a signed copy of #ReVamped by @Ada_Adams! #AngelCreekGiveaway”


“I want to win a signed copy of #ReAwakened by @Ada_Adams! #AngelCreekGiveaway”




5 Tweets per day for ReVamped.

5 Tweets per day for ReAwakened.

5 Bonus Tweets per day mentioning the books in any way (favorite quote/character, why you’d like to read them, random thought on life, etc. – just make sure to add either #ReVamped or #ReAwakened and @Ada_Adams so that I can find each of your entries).

You can Tweet every day until January 6th, 11:59 p.m. (EST)!

You may Tweet less than 15 times/day or even only once during the entire giveaway, the max per day for each book is just the maximum limit so that your followers don’t get spammed with hundreds of Angel Creek mentions every day. Instead, they can just be entertained by fifteen! 😉

Two print copy winners will be chosen through a random draw and announced by January 10th. Both will be able to select the title of their choice – ReVamped or ReAwakened. There will also be two consolation-prize winners of bookish swag baggies!

Open to all followers of the @Ada_Adams Twitter account. International!


* If you have any questions or need something clarified about this giveaway, please leave a comment below.

* Another print copy giveaway will take place for 1000 “Likes” on Facebook!

* If you’ve won print copies of the books or some swag from games or giveaways in the past few months, all of the winners should receive the goodies before the end of the year! If you don’t receive something by early 2013 (at the latest) make sure to notify

Have fun and good luck!

ReBook III: Title & Game!

Hi, guys!


I have been receiving a lot of questions from readers of ReAwakened about the ReBook III title. Since I’m not very good at keeping secrets (but I love playing games!) I thought that we could play a game to reveal the title.

Two games, in fact!

1st Game:

A lovely blogger by the name of Sana added ReBook III to Goodreads. When the book reaches 100 To-Reads, I will reveal the title. Come on guys, only 80 more to go! 😀

Click here to add ReBook III to Goodreads!

2nd Game:

I’m giving you a chance to guess the title! Post a comment here (1 guess per person), on Facebook in the designated guessing area (1 guess per person), and on Twitter with the hashtag #AngelCreekBookIII so that I can find it (unlimited guesses per person). Anyone who guesses the title correctly will be entered into a draw to win both the ReVamped and the ReAwakened limited edition posters!


Open worldwide. 13+. Contest ends when the 1st game reaches the goal, but if we don’t have a single correct guess by then, we’ll put all of the game participants’ names in a magic hat and draw a random name!

Because I’m so very nice, I’ll give you a big hint! The title begins with “RE”. (I’m not doing myself any favors in the evil author department with that one). 😛

Good luck and have fun!

“ReAwakened” IS HERE + GIVEAWAY!

Hi lovelies!

Guess what?! ReAwakened is here! 😀

Someone asked me: “How do you feel now that it’s out?” and I thought I would address this in my release week post. Honestly, I’m feeling a huge range of emotions!


I’ve poured my heart and soul into the story and the characters, and I’m very happy with the outcome. I really wanted to deliver a full package by writing something fun, exciting, unique, lovable, and make my readers happy. In the end, there is no such thing as a “perfect” book—nor will there ever be—but I went into ReAwakened with so much love and excitement and left it knowing that I’ve told *my* perfect story. I hope that you enjoy reading it just as much as I enjoyed writing it! 🙂

I’m also very proud of the characters. I always strive to write about imperfect characters who need to learn and change along the way and I’m very happy with the growth that Dawn and the Misfits demonstrate in ReAwakened. Dawn, especially, doesn’t have an easy journey and is forced to learn a very hard lesson, one that will have her going into the next book as a reborn character. Are you as excited for this as I am? Nothing will ever be the same.


…from the countless late nights of writing and editing. I have very fond memories of greeting many sunrises with Dawn and Sebastian and of taking the Misfits to the cottage and trying to keep my laptop from falling in the lake while writing. I brought the Angel Creek gang along to many places in the world—they just refused to stay home and let me have any rest!

The funny thing is, I thought that I would never want to see my keyboard again by the time I was done with the final edits. However, I already find myself diving into my next projects (dare I say the “s”?): ReBook III (as I’ve taken to calling it until the official title announcement), a Contemporary NA novel (I’m already in love with the characters), and a super secret, fun project (I hope to announce sometime in March).


I’m so very grateful for the support of the fans. You guys inspire me so much and push me to be a better writer and a more creative storyteller. I’m thankful for every person who recommends the books to a friend, for every little Tweet about your love for Dawn, Sebastian, Razor, and the Misfits, every positive review that helps spread the word…everything that you do! No matter how busy I am, I always try my best to respond to emails and messages because I really love getting to know each and every one of you! Your support means the world, and that is why I’ve decided to dedicate ReAwakened to a special group of individuals who have gone above and beyond in their love for Angel Creek. PS: There is always time to get in on the team!

I also feel grateful for my family. If it wasn’t for them feeding me, I’m not sure that I would have even survived long enough to publish the book. I would’ve just resorted to eating chocolate all day long (which is something I did in the last weeks of editing, anyway). Now they just have to come up with some new recipes for ReBook III! On a more serious note, I am extremely lucky to be surrounded by such a supportive group of people. They’ve stuck by me not just during the high points of my life and career, but have also been along for the ride during all the lows. That, for me, is the true meaning of love.

On that note, my amazing Betas, and my editor Stevan Knapp and copy editor Jen Meyers require a big, loud shoutout. I don’t think that I can even find the words that will express how grateful I am for all of the hard work and care that each of them have put into making ReAwakened the best book that it can be. I feel like if I go on a mushy, gushy rant, my editor will just edit out all of my colorful adjectives anyway. So I’ll just liken them to sparkly unicorns floating on a fluffy cloud…Yes, they’re that awesome (and yes, I love MLP).


By the time I was in the fifth grade, I had already attended seven different schools. Not because I was troublemaker, mind you, but due to certain circumstances that required me to move around. A lot. I plan to tell this story eventually, but what I wanted to say with this is that, each time, it was a very nerve-racking experience to enter a new place, not knowing how other kids would react to me (especially being the new kid in the middle of the school year!)

I kind of have the same feeling when it comes to publishing ReAwakened, and I’m sure that every time I publish a new book, I’ll have a lot of nerves and “first day/week/month” jitters. Will anyone read it? Will they want to be its friend? At least ReAwakened has ReVamped and my previous lovely readers to show it the ropes. Thank you for being kind and inviting it to sit with you at the lunch table and introducing it to your friends! It means a lot! 😉


I thought that the moment ReAwakened hit at least one retailer (the first one being Amazon Kindle – Kobo, B&N, and the print version are still to come), I would want to stay up all night and party and announce a million giveaways and rush off to get it into the bookstores in town and post some vlogs…and…and…and…! However, I’m suddenly overcome by an extreme case of exhaustion. I suffer from very serious anemia (much worse than any vampire, according to my doctor), but most of the time I suppress my tiredness and lack of energy and just push through (especially when it comes to my work). I think that this sudden tired feeling (dizziness and faintness, getting ill, etc.) is my body’s way of saying: “Take a day off! Just one day! Please!” and for once in my life, I may listen to it. Just for a day though, because I’m looking forward to announcing the many fun release month things that I have planned for you guys! Here’s a quick list of what’s to come.

  • Book III Title Announcement! I know that some of you have been dying to know, but I’m thinking that we should make this fun and hold a “guess the title” contest on here, Facebook, and Twitter, and whoever the first person at each of the locations is to guess the name will win some prizes!
  • 1000 Facebook Likes on and 1000 Twitter Followers @Ada_Adams giveaway with print copies of ReVamped and ReAwakened up for grabs. Since it’s happening on both Facebook and Twitter, there will be double the chances to win.
  • I have something very, very special coming my way sometime in December. I can’t wait to see it and share it with you! It has to do with Dawn and Sebastian! ❤
  • Blog Tour! The ReAwakened blog tour is happening all of December, so make sure to check out the stops. We’re holding a huge giveaway. I’m literally giving away everything I own that’s related to the series (books, posters, I ❤ Sebastian, Razor, Hunter goodies—everything!) and many bloggers are also holding their own giveaways which is very, very sweet. At the end of the tour, I’ll make sure to add to the now-empty ReAwakened Praise section, so if you have an awesome review you wish to share, please send it to
  • Website Revamp. The website/blog is getting a little makeover, so I’ll make sure to include a News and Giveaways Page where you guys can keep up with all the fun stuff going on, as well as actually launch some of the stuff I’ve been meaning to launch for ages (aka FAQ’s and the Angel Creek Vlog Channel). That being said, if you have any questions you’d like to see addressed, let me know! I already have a few videos ready to go about the characters, the ending, the setting, etc. Which scene in ReAwakened was actually inspired from real life experience?! You’ll never, ever get it! Oh, it wasn’t the pool scene with Sebastian, but keep dreaming!
  • Giveaways! I still plan to party! Starting on Monday, I will be holding a blitz giveaway every day to celebrate the release (either on Facebook or on Twitter). The first one will be about fave RV/RA quotes, so get ready! Also, since most of the prizes have finally arrived, I will be shipping them out to the winners of the Scavenger Hunt—if you’ve won, you should have them in your mailbox sometime next week!

As you can see, the work never stops, but I wouldn’t have it any other way! I have so much passion for every aspect of my job and I love sharing the experience with you!

As a little token of my appreciation, I’m doing a mini-giveaway! Right here and right now! Comment on the following post and I’ll choose a random comment to win either an e-copy of ReAwakened or a big bag of goodies (your choice since some of you have already read the book)! *Closes: December 2nd, 11:59 p.m.*

ReAwakend Blog Tour!

#ReAwakened Blog Tour Line Up

Hosted by Jessirae and Tiffany– Thank you!
Follow along on these awesome bloggers’ journeys as they discover more about Angel Creek!
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* 3 winners (One grand prize winner +2 small prize winners) *
* One main entry per person
* Must be 13 years or older to enter
* Open Internationally *

* Winners will have 48 hours to reply before a new winner is chosen

~*Grand Prize Winner will win the following*~

ReAwakened POSTER
2 ReVamped/ReAwakened POSTCARDS
3 ReAwakened BOOKMARKS


 Thanks to Evie @ Bookish for the amazing banner!