Angel Creek Book III Title ReVeal!

The official title for Angel Creek Book III is…


I’ve been sitting on this for a while, but I first wanted to make sure that you guys had an opportunity to guess and a chance to win those pretty ReVamped and ReAwakened posters! About ten or so people guessed the title correctly. Congrats! I will be doing a draw later this week and announce the winner of the posters along with the winners of the Twitter print books giveaway!


Regarding the title…Don’t worry, there will be no babies involved! It’s all about “Dawn’s personal rebirth”. In ReVamped, we are introduced to Dawn as being  a very strong and intelligent girl, but she is also naive and inexperienced in so many aspects of “real life”. She isn’t perfect and has a long way to go, especially when it comes to romantic relationships, friendships, and, at times, even her leadership ability. I’ve said this many times, but I’m a big proponent of imperfect characters, so I wanted to make sure that there would be room for Dawn to grow and develop as the series progressed. Throughout ReVamped, she grows and matures, but it is only in ReAwakened that she reaches her full potential after battling with her fears, facing her demons, and learning to rely on her team. However, the end of the book leaves Dawn at the edge of a cliff (not literally – don’t worry, that wasn’t a spoiler!) so it’s only fitting that she will have to go through a rebirth of sorts in the upcoming chapter(s) of her story in order to be even stronger and more prepared to face the biggest battle of her life. Things are getting very real and extremely messy! Many of you commented in your wonderful reviews that ReAwakened had a lot more of everything: the stakes were higher, the romance was hotter, and the bad guys more dangerous. All I can say about ReBorn at this point in time is that you’ll be getting even MORE of more! I’m so very excited to share this book with you when the times comes!

That beings said, I currently don’t have any official information regarding the release date, the cover, or the synopsis, but I’ll announce it as soon as I do! I have plans to release another project between ReAwakened and ReBorn, but I’ll do my best to ensure that you aren’t waiting too long. I know that all of you who have read ReAwakened are anxious to find out what happens next! Thank you for sharing your love of Angel Creek with your friends and peers. I truly love you for it!

In other news, many people have been asking about print copies of the books. I’m not sure why the Amazon print links aren’t linking to the Kindle profiles, but they are available! You can find them here:

ReVamped and ReAwakened

Note: I have no idea who is selling a print copy of ReVamped for $300.00+ (the one copy that’s linked to the Kindle profile)! It’s probably not a good idea for you spend that much money on the book unless it comes with a gold cover or a real-life Sebastian or Razor.

For those readers who have requested to purchase signed print copies of the books directly from me (or have won a copy)…they’ve finally arrived! *Happy Dance* Expect an email before the end of the week. I’ve been practically living at the Post Office, trying to find out the best possible shipping options for you all.



In the previous Happy New Year! post I announced that I will be selecting four commenters to win their choice of: ReVamped and ReAwakened bookmarks, I ❤ Sebastian keychain, I ❤ Razor dogtag, or I ❤ Hunter guitar pick). I’ve now extended that invitation to ALL of the people who commented by January 8th. If you are one of them, please email with your mailing address and let me know which prize you’d like.

I’m currently redoing the Angel Creek website (aiming for an end-of-the-month launch!) and will be updating the “Praise” section to include new ReVamped reviews as well as the most recent ReAwakened praise. If you have posted a super-duper review that you’d like to share, I’d love to include it (either on the blog or on Amazon). Please link it below or email 😀

Thanks for reading and your support!

I’d love to know what you think of the title!

Lots of love,



9 thoughts on “Angel Creek Book III Title ReVeal!

  1. Just so you know, the link to the print version of ReVamped on amazon goes to ReAwakened. ;D

    Love the title! Looking forward to the new website design.

    Is it still possible to look at buying signed copies off you, or are those just for previous requestors?

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