Signed Print Copies and Bookmark Gifts!

Ho, ho, ho!

(What a way to start a post! :D)

Since it’s the season of giving, I wanted to find yet another way to thank my wonderful readers before the year comes to an end! You guys mean the world to me, so I’m always trying to come up with fun gift ideas for you.

  We already have a few big giveaways going on:

* Twitter Giveaway for Print Books

* ReBook III Title Guess Giveaway for Posters

The Epic Blog Tour Giveaway (where I vowed to give you everything Angel Creek related that I owned) has concluded and our lovely tour host will be announcing the lucky winner this week – stay tuned for that!

However, I also wanted to give my readers a little gift for taking the time to purchase my newest release. If you have picked up/will pick up a copy of ReAwakened (e-book or print format) between its release date November 27th and the year end on December 31st, please email your proof of purchase and mailing address to and I will send you signed ReVamped and ReAwakened bookmarks and a signed bookplate sticker! This also applies if you’ve purchased it for a friend or your blog giveaway.

Print copies of the book are currently available through CreateSpace, but will also be up on Amazon shortly.

I have had requests for signed print copies of ReVamped and ReAwakened, so I will be ordering a batch from the printer that I can personally sign for your guys and mail out directly (each will include the bookmarks as well, of course). If you are interested in purchasing signed print copies, please email for more information.


I hope that you all have a very safe and happy holiday season!

Much love,


PS: If you’ve won a prize from one of the release-day mini giveaways, the Scavenger Hunt, or something else that I’ve personally organized/promised, you should be getting your goodies soon. They were all shipped last week. (Except the print book winners, who should be getting them before the end of the year).


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